GEM Carpet Care follows IICRC guidelines for floods & water extraction

It’s no secret – like tax time, floods can be quite stressful. Not only can water permanently damage your furniture and valuables, it can require the replacement of carpet and drywall in your home if not taken care of right away.  GEM’s 24-hour-on-call flood restoration services mean that a technician will be dispatched within minutes of a flood call to help out your home as quickly as possible.

If you have a flood:

  • Stop the water flow. This could be as easy as turning off the water valve to the toilet. It may be serious enough to turn the water off to the house.
  • Call GEM! We have a 24 hour restoration service. (480) 326 1790 Our goal is to be at your home in less than an hour.
  • Begin relocating valuables, sentimental items, and furniture to a dry area.
  • We understand that every job is unique. Our commitment to you is to help preserve your home and belongings.

What GEM Technicians Will Do When They Arrive

  • We survey the situation at hand. We have moisture meters to help us find pockets of moisture that cannot be seen (like the walls between two rooms or behind the kitchen or bathroom cabinets that backs up to a wall with dripping plumbing or a water pipe break.)
  • We use a high-powered suction hose and extraction tool to extract the water.
  • We will apply an anti-microbial to all affected areas.  It is designed to sanitize while cutting down on mold and mildew situations. It is odorless as a bonus
  • We set special fans called air movers to begin drying the structure, walls, and carpet. This removes the water from the building structure and places it in the air. We use a thermal hygrometer to determine the amount of water in the air. Air that is full of water ends up creating secondary water damage. So we set out dehumidifiers that will remove water out of the air and bring indoor humidity levels back to normal. This will prevent secondary damage.
  • We will move dressers, cabinets, beds, and towers of boxes, or put down small plastic protectors or Styrofoam to stop furniture from being harmed.
  • In the more serious of cases, it will be necessary to remove carpet, pad, baseboards and drywall, or any combination of these.
  • GEM technicians will come back every 24 hours to check the drying process and reposition fans to help speed up the drying process until the project is complete.
  • We work with insurance companies and home owners, communicating the extent of the work that needs to be done.


Customer Reviews:

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GEM saved us after the FIRE and flood!
FIRE!! Not a good way to be awakened. At 4 AM on a Sunday morning we had an electrical fire which resulted in a complete flood of the entire office. The fire department thoroughly soaked every corner of the office and also had to rip out ceiling tiles and insulation. It was a huge soaking mess and getting worse by the hour! I called GEM and Grant, the owner of GEM Carpet Care, came over immediately and had the drywall, insulation and trash cleared out within hours. The blowers were drying the carpet and everything that could be done to lessen the damage was done all that morning. Thanks to them we were able to save much of the office cabinets and avoid a mold issue. We have had GEM doing our carpets at all of our offices for years and I have always been impressed with their thoroughness but this time GEM hit one out of the park. They came over immediately on a Sunday to help us and they did not leave until all the work was done. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars. To be honest, I knew they were good but this was above and beyond the call of duty. We are definitely a lifelong client with GEM. Dr. James Michaud ABC Dentistry for Children
B. Ellsworth
Satisfied Customer. I have had emergency carpet cleanup and Gem Carpet Cleaners did a fantastic job at a reasonable price. They are honest and reliable. They are my “go to” when I need them. They are great to work with, no bad language, friendly, and helpful.
Great Flood Restoration Company
We had a slab leak under our home that was discovered on a Friday night. A call to Gem Carpet Care brought Grant to our home within 20 min. His advice and knowledge of what to do and not to do until we could contact our insurance company was invaluable to us. Even after his responsibilities of demolition and dryout were completed, Grant stayed in the loop throughout the 5 month process to completion. He gave help and encouragement along the way. Their knowledge, expertise and care go beyond the norm and we highly recommend GEM carpet care!