Dirty carpet isn’t the only thing that can contribute to allergies and other health problems – congested air ducts can do the same. Grimy air ducts can also block the flow of air, putting undue strain on your air conditioner and energy bill We recommend having your air ducts cleaned every few years or so to help keep microscopic allergens away and keep your air ducts free and clear.

GEM’s Procedures For Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Remove all air intake vents (called “registers”) and clean them.
  2. Insert a high-powered suction hose with a wire and rotating nylon brush inside each air duct.  The rotating brush knocks loose dust particles, and the suction hose removes the dust.
  3. An anti-microbial solution is sprayed through the entire air duct system, unless a request is given not too.
  4. Intake vents are rinsed and placed back on.


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